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Doyle & Fossey

Praise for Doyle and Fossey: Science Detectives

“Tongue firmly in cheek, Torrey bases the four problems and their solutions on basic, well-articulated scientific principles and techniques, reinforced by several related experiments or activities at the end to keep fans of this hardboiled series opener busy as they pine for the next installment.”

BOOKLIST (The Case of the Gasping Garbage)

“Torrey, a microbiologist as well as a talented writer, skillfully injects the scientific method and principles into each case, and an appendix offers humorously written experiments and activities that relate to each case. . . . Teachers will be among the first fans of this series, as the cases would make great read-alouds in elementary classrooms . . .” 

KIRKUS REVIEWS (The Case of the Mossy Lake Monster)

“Accessible, understandable, and hilarious science for the youngest problem solvers. . . .”

KIRKUS REVIEWS (The Case of the Graveyard Ghost)

“The Encyclopedia Brown-type characters and short and simple episodes will quickly grab readers, even reluctant ones. . . . Teachers may enjoy using this book to illustrate a science lesson.”

SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL (The Case of the Barfy Birthday)

“. . . The experiments are engaging, the directions are clear and the science behind them is solid. Newman’s occasional ink-and-wash illustrations add to the fun. Aspiring science detectives and their teachers will welcome the return of these super-sleuths. . . ."

KIRKUS REVIEWS (The Case of the Crooked Carnival)

“. . . The easy-to-read story is both funny and informative, and the simple pencil illustrations support the text. Included, as usual, are several try-it-yourself science activities to get kids involved at home. A sure hit with new and established fans."

SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL (The Case of the Terrible T. rex)

Praise for Chronicles of Courage Trilogy

Voyage of Ice
“Torrey unspools a nail-biting adventure . . . Torrey’s sharply focused prose gives each development the ring of credibility, and those who like survival tales will be rapt.”


“. . . Adventure fans will hardly have time to draw breath between tribulations."


“Powerful descriptions, authentic language and details, and an absorbing plot propel this superior historical fiction. . . ."


Voyage of Plunder
“A sea yarn that can stand solidly beside other classic pirate stories. . .” 


“. . . An absorbing tale whose narrator ultimately wins past both physical and mental torture to a bruised, hard-won peace."


“. . . The high-quality writing style, the strong cast of characters, and the twisting conclusion are sure to captivate readers."


Voyage of Midnight
“A powerful, beautifully written tale . . . The characterization is strong and believable, and Philip is a compelling hero. . . .” 


"The story works on multiple levels: as a suspenseful nautical adventure; a heart‑wrenching account of the slave trade; and a coming‑of‑age story."


"Intense and harrowing . . ."

     KIRKUS, Starred Review

Praise for To the Edge of the World

To the Edge of the World
"Torrey deftly maintains the taut thread of adventure that, along with the cast of memorable characters, keep the pages turning. . . ."

     PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY, Starred Review

"The writing is lively; readers will feel as if they have been right there with Mateo on one of the greatest voyages of discovery ever. This deserves to be in the hands of every reader who loves history and adventure. . . ."


To the Edge of the World is no fanciful romp. Instead, Torrey spins a breathtaking, gritty adventure that leaves the reader feeling the salty spray of seawater and the desperate hunger of a belly too long empty."


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