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"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." 

Oscar Wilde




I was born a writer, in the sense that the gift of language was birthed in my soul. As National Book Award winner Charles Johnson puts it, " . . . you didn't choose to write. Writing chose you." However, I believe there exists a tension between being born a writer and being a writer. Finding one's unique voice, keeping literary passion alive amidst the crush of everyday life, balancing raw creativity with rejection -- these take a lifetime to learn. So, while one may be "born" a writer, being a writer is really a lifelong journey of discovery. Learning what not to do and who you are not; uncovering the depths of your own mystery. And somewhere in the middle of all of this discovery you realize you've come full circle. You've journeyed back to yourself, back to the beginning. And if you've done it right, you love what you see.



Torrey's literary works include twelve books for children including the Doyle and Fossey: Science Detectives series (Sterling) and the Chronicles of Courage seafaring series (Knopf). Honors include Junior Library Guild, CBC Best Book of the Year, and WA State Book Award finalist. Torrey also writes for adults.

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