The Case of the Mossy Lake Monster

Mossy Lake - New Cover

At five-thirty in the morning, Drake and Nell stood at the water’s edge. Mist hung over the lake, and everything looked just a tad creepy.

“Ready, Scientist Nell?” asked Drake.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Nell snapped on her life preserver, grabbed an oar, and climbed into the boat. They pulled away from shore, rowing and rowing, until they reached the center of the lake.

And there they lowered their secret weapon. Code 61. . . .

Is there a creepy creature lurking in Mossy Lake? Is an evil plot stirring? Is something shocking happening to Caitlin’s cat Zappy-and can he be de-zapped? Would-be scientists and detectives will want to slip into their lab coats, dust off their test tubes, and get on the case with Drake Doyle and Nell Fossey. Hint: to find the answers, kids will have to use such scientific principles as buoyancy and static electricity.

Reviews and Honors

  • Torrey, a microbiologist as well as a talented writer, skillfully injects the scientific method and principles into each case, and an appendix offers humorously written experiments and activities that relate to each case. . . . Teachers will be among the first fans of this series, as the cases would make great read-alouds in elementary classrooms . . .” – Kirkus ReviewsREAD FULL REVIEW
  • Humor abounds, most of it tongue-in-cheek, which most kids love.” – School Library JournalREAD FULL REVIEW
  • “. . . The book is a fast, easy read and fun way to learn about some everyday scientific principles.” – BooklistREAD FULL REVIEW
  • Torrey introduces basic scientific principles like electrons, protons, neutrons, and hypotheses at a level that doesn’t intimidate children . . .” – The Seattle Press
  • “Mostly I like Drake Doyle because he’s a scientist, and I would like to be just like him.” – Marc, grade 4
  • “At lunch time, when my teacher is reading Drake and Nell, I feel like I am Nell.” – Chandler, grade 4
  • A Junior Library Guild Selection

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