The Case of the Gasping Garbage

CASE OF THE GASPING GARBAGE Suddenly, the garbage can gasped. It trembled. It burped and yurped. It belched and yelched.

All in all, it was very scary indeed.

Drake and Nell immediately went to work. They pulled on surgical gloves. Snap!

Gabby edged toward the door. “You’re not going to take off the lid, are you?”

“If there’s a monster inside,” Drake replied, “removing the lid would be most foolish. Now, stand back, we’ll take it from here.”

Doyle and Fossey are on a mission-a monster mission! It seems there’s a giant bloodsucking monster gasping and gurgling in their friend Gabby’s garbage can. Can they figure out what’s up before the creature gobbles Gabby for lunch? This and three more cool cases will have kids checking out the clues-and learning great science too, including facts about the life cycle of a frog and chromatography.

Reviews and Honors

  • Move over Encyclopedia Brown, here come Doyle and Fossey, science detectives.” – Children’s LiteratureREAD FULL REVIEW
  • Kids will enjoy reading about these young scientists who sometimes outsmart adults.” – School Library Journal READ FULL REVIEW
  • Tongue firmly in cheek, Torrey bases the four problems and their solutions on basic, well-articulated scientific principles and techniques, reinforced by several related experiments or activities at the end to keep fans of this hardboiled series opener busy as they pine for the next installment.” – BooklistREAD FULL REVIEW
  • A fifteen-page section on activities may galvanize some readers into beginning science . . . Black-and-white spot art and full-page illustrations have a loopy intensity that adds a bit of spice to the story.” – The BulletinREAD FULL REVIEW
  • Torrey successfully creates a female character whose strength is science; young girls will find a positive, believable model. Readers will laugh at the generous amount of humor.” – The Seattle Press
  • “I like the Gasping Garbage book best because chapter seven is the best! I like the action and it’s funny.” – Kaleb, grade 4
  • “I think your books are really cool. . . . It’s cool how the experiments in the back of your books work.” – Sean, grade 4

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